Youth Programs

Jiu Jitsu

Requirements: Kimono with White Belt, Rash Guard, Grappling Shorts, Mouth Piece, Groin Protection

In the youth Jiu Jitsu program, your child will be taught respect and discipline in the spirit of martial arts. Jiujitsu uses leverage, balance, and power to hold down, escape from, or submit bigger, stronger opponents. There are two classes dividing age groups, and under the watchful eye of UFC veteran coaches, Rick Davis and Roxanne Modafferi, the children will learn everything from a proper base, wrestling, escaping compromising positions and effectively neutralizing an opponent.

There are two types of Jiu Jitsu classes – gi and no-gi. Traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu requires a gi aka Kimono and belt, whereas no-gi Grappling requires shorts and a rash guard (or t-shirt).

Our school follows the International Brazilian Jiujitsu Federation ranking and promotion system. We encourage the more advanced students to compete in jiujitsu tournaments, and frequently send a team of competitors to local tournaments.



Muay Thai

Requirements: T-Shirt, Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards, Mouth Piece (All items available for purchase inside our facility)

In joining the youth Muay Thai program, your child will learn traditional techniques and discipline while having a blast! Students will be separated at the beginning of class based on skill level, and under the watchful eye of Coaches A.J Matthews and Jonny Parsons  the children will learn everything from proper stance, punching, kicking, defending and eventually sparring!