Muay Thai

Requirements: Syndicate Ranked Shirt, Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards, Mouth Piece, Groin Protection (All items available for purchase inside our facility)

In joining the Muay Thai program, you will learn traditional techniques and discipline while having a blast! Our beginner level kickboxing class is perfect for the student new to martial arts training, and is one of our most popular classes! Students will concentrate on offensive and defensive development, that will help properly prepare them for the next level of training. This class will provide beginners with the tools they need for the ring and condition them like a fighter, even though they may never compete!

Once you have taken the test and graduated to the next rank, you will be permitted by coach to take part in the All-Levels classes! In the All-Levels class, students will be expected to know the fundamentals of Muay Thai, plus live-sparring drills are common toward the end of class. Please keep in mind that we do not permit sparring above 60% maximum effort in our public classes – if going hard is what you’re looking for, please see coach Walker regarding competition!

Keeping in line with the concept of providing a structured graduation program, we have developed a class curriculum that holds the student responsible for certain techniques which they are tested over in order to advance to the next rank. This is to ensure the student will set short-term goals on their long journey toward black belt, discouraging them from getting frustrated along the way. Copies of these curriculums are available on the attendance card table in the gym.

For those who wish to test their training, coach Walker also fosters an elite competition team that travels far and wide to compete against other academies for glory in the ring! If you are interested in competition, please speak with coach Walker to learn more.